To ensure compliance with the POCSO Act and safety of school children in general, it is proposed to constitute a committee under the guidance of the Principal to look after the safety of the students and women staff against any sexual offence within the school and hostel premises.

A child and women abuse monitoring committee, consisting of the following members are hereby constituted under the POCSO Act.

# Name of Member Designation
1. T. Gowthami Krishna Vice Principal
2. Sushmitha Dawn Teacher
3. M. Meena Teacher
4. Abdul Kareem Teacher
5. Sushma Ganesh Office Assistant

The prime responsibilities of the committee would be to ensure:

  1. Conduct of in-house induction sessions on gender sensitization;
  2. Appropriate training for staff to address their responsibilities to protect children from abuse
  3. Conduct of police verification and psychometric evaluation of all staff and non-teaching staff like bus drivers, conductors, peon, etc.
  4. Monitoring the School and Bus CCTV Cameras
  5. Interaction with Parents to address safety needs of students
  6. Control access to school and hostel buildings by outsiders and monitor visitors.