The best efforts of even the most competent teachers need to be complimented and tracked. Through a meticulously designed mentoring program, the school intends to track the educational focus and behavioural bearing of each student and make necessary course corrections at appropriate times to sustain the learning trajectory of the student. Naivete and adverse environmental influences can always confuse a child and adolescent alike and put him/her in sensitive and sometimes awkward situations that can prompt them to take steps that are not conducive for their growth. Such situations need subjective counselling and creating the right awareness for the student to come out. Through mentoring we intend to pay attention to the personal perplexities of a student and provide them with right kind of counselling at the right time so that he/she can cope and adopt to the challenging situations better. The bond of Teacher-Student-Parent trio is key to the success of such programs. We intend to partner with active parents who volunteer to contribute to the institution in a variety of ways which we continuously explore. We encourage parents to come forward and partner with us in such programs, so that they themselves can understand their children better through inference and experience.