ACADEMICS – By Objectives

Education at our school is a combination of participation and interaction, which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. Home assignments are not a carryover of class work but are oriented towards enhancing individual talents. This includes suggested books for reading, physical and sports development, general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc.


The students of nursery classes shall be educated in an informal way through play-way method, using modern aids to develop their latent skills and bloom into affable yet assured individuals. The key is to ignite their enthusiasm, fire the spirit of learning and nurture a willingness to accept, adapt and aspire.


Though formal education is introduced according to the NCERT syllabus, the method and manner of delivery is the matter of differentiation for impact. Art, Craft, Club Activities, Music, Computers, Dance are inducted into the curriculum to facilitate the holistic development of the ward. Special emphasis will be to enable the child to express himself/herself with confidence and clarity. Practical training will be given in all possible areas and special attention will be given in identifying and the honing the latent talents of students.


Through Hands-on-learning students will be engaged in well-planned activities that help them to learn the concepts taught in the class in a more experiential way. Through this method, students achieve the highest level of understanding of concepts.

 A separate hands-on-lab is dedicated in the school for this purpose where children from all age groups are made to translate their classroom learning into hands-on learning through a wide variety of kits made available to them.

HOLISTIC GROWTH                        

A sharp knife is not useless but dangerous in an unsteady hand. A sharp mind can be determinantal without a stable mind. Growth to be holistic needs to make a student stable, sharp, clear and confident. Education is not just about dumping knowledge and building skills, but also about inculcating inquisitiveness to know and providing the atmosphere and avenues to learn and apply. We, at the Delhi Public School Campus in Bhimavaram, strive with a passion to evolve a child into a responsible, self-reliant, focused individual, inspired to achieve and determined to succeed in both career and Life.