1. Children’s Day

Children are a source of pleasure for everyone and hope for the country. Children`s Day is celebrated in our school with great enthusiasm. It is a day of fun and frolic for children. Plenty of activities are held on this day. This year, the children celebrated Children`s Day creating immaculate memories for them to cherish. Various activities performed by children were really a feast to all eyes. The children, especially the tiny tots, kept the audience spell-bound with their amazing talents throughout the variety of entertainments staged by them. The fluent, spontaneous speeches delivered by children reminded all present there of how important they are in the life of parents and to the country.

2. Flash Mob

Women`s security is of paramount importance in today`s world. In order to sensitize the people to the need to safeguard women and ensure their security, the pupils of Classes 8,9 and 10 under the aegis of DPS held a mega flash mob in front of AVG Multiplex, Bhimavaram through dances and speeches highlighting strong messages to this cause. The flash mob drew large crowds and served its purpose. It was a massive success and the children won laurels from everyone.

3. Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated grandly every year to remember and pay homage to the great patriots who laid down their precious lives for the freedom we enjoy today, and to remind pupils of their responsibilities to their motherland. Independence Day was celebrated on 14 August 2022 with great pomp and patriotic fervour. The National Flag was hoisted by the Principal and he gave a stimulating speech, which reminded children of their responsibilities, commitments and the role they have to play as students for the advancement of their motherland. On this august occasion, children delivered emotional, rousing speeches that rekindled patriotism.

4. Mother’s Day

Mother is the first teacher who instils in her child the moral values, discipline and the courage to confront the challenges of life. Mothers` Day was celebrated grandly colourfully and traditionally in honour of mothers in the school. The children washed their mothers` feet and performed ‘Pada Puja’. On this auspicious occasion, children showered their tremendous love on their mothers and they received blessings from their mothers. The occasion witnessed an emotional bond between the mother and her child. The grand occasion captured the attention of all.

5. Science Day

“Success can come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.”                                                                                                             (C.V. Raman) Science Day is celebrated every year in memory and honour of C.V. Raman, one of our greatest physicists.  This proud day commemorates the eminent scientist and his greatest contributions to the field of science and technology. Various events to spark the scientific curiosity and talent of children are held on this day. This year, a big exhibition was organised. The exhibition was the notable highlight of the day. Children`s science talents came to the fore on this day. Their eye-catching science exhibits, coupled with their amazing explanation brought great accolades from all those who visited the exhibition.

6. Graduation Day

Graduation Day is held at school every year to confer certificates and honour on UKG pupils who qualify for entry into Class 1. The joyous occasion is grandly celebrated with the active participation of parents as it is to recognise the academic achievements of tiny tots. On this momentous day, they steal the limelight and become the cynosure of all eyes. The ceremony also provides ample opportunity for pupils to showcase their talents on stage. As in previous years, the Graduation Ceremony for the academic session 2022-2023 was a memorable one for children and parents to cherish.