1. Chess Competition

The school focuses on chess to discover the pupils who have a natural flair for chess, and train them effectively so that they can make their mark in the sphere of chess. Various chess competitions organised by our school and other prestigious organisations are held in school every year. In these competitions, the chess wizards of DPS demonstrate their extraordinary talent. International chess player grandmaster Giridhar played with 108 students at a time, setting a world record. This inspired our children immensely.

2. Archery- Global Prodigy Award

Going beyond boundaries………………………… Bringing honours from abroad Kumari Tanishqa, a DPS prodigy of exceptional archery prowess brought laurels to her shrine of learning. She was presented with the Global Prodigy Award, one of the most coveted awards, for her excellent performance in archery. Her systematic practice and determined effort with discipline brought this great honour to her. The DPS community is proud of her.

3. Karate

Karate is a martial art which improves one`s fitness and concentration apart from self-defence. Practising karate is highly beneficial to pupils. The school offers karate training to all pupils and many of them have received various belts and medals in recognition of their karate skills. It is a delight and honour to mention that a great many students received honours in International Open Karate Championship 2022.

4. Spell Bee

The school provides special coaching for spelling bee enthusiasts so that they can work miracles in spelling bee contests. A great many spelling bee wunderkinds enrolled for a slew of spell bee contests and showcased their spelling prowess. In the International spell bee competition – the various levels of which have been taking place since August 2022 – many of our pupils have reached State Level.  In Sakshi spell bee contest, two of our spelling wizards have entered the final.

5. Guinness World Record

Setting records in Kuchipudi Kumari Indukuri Nithya entered the guinness world record by dancing continuosly at a stretch for forty one minutes, stunning all Kuchipudi aficionados at the Largest Kuchipudi Dance Lesson. This was the gala kuchipudi event held at Chennai in February 2022.